Running + Personal Finance = Blogging?

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Welcome & Introduction!

Hello! My name is Abe. I’ll be blogging about running. And personal finance. And, yes, I can type in sentences that are longer than five words! 🙂

Many blogs tend to focus on one “area of expertise,” so why does mine incorporate both running and personal finance? That’s a good question! Did I think that I wouldn’t be able to produce enough content for one topic? Am I trying to hedge my bets on gaining enough of a following by poaching audiences from two different subject areas? Did I flip a coin to determine the blog’s topic, only to have the coin freakishly land on its ridges?

Truth be told, my original intent was to produce only a personal finance blog and nothing more. Even though the personal finance blog market is arguably saturated (and, mind you, there are a lot of good blogs out there!), I reasoned that the same principles expressed by different perspectives was fresh enough to provide a meaningful contribution to the Internet world.

But… as I was about to launch this blog with the sole purpose of writing about all things personal finance, I couldn’t shake a growing conviction that I’m also passionate about running. Running is one of the few things in my life that brings me a consistent sense of joy and accomplishment. In fact, I’m “coaching” a friend who will be running his first marathon very soon (the LA Marathon on March 18th)! I say “coaching” (in quotes) because I can’t say that I’ve been a good coach at all. I admit that we’ve each gone on late night Taco Bell runs after our training runs. BUT, being able to share the joy of running with others made me realize that I could potentially reach so many more people through blogging than I ever could in person.

All the while, I also couldn’t shake a growing conviction that learning more about personal finance and investing was literally paying off. There is so much to learn, but taking the time to build up my knowledge of solid personal finance fundamentals has been a rewarding journey. Sure, there are plenty of folks out there who currently know so much more about personal finance (and its nuances) much better than I do. However, I’m excited to use the avenue of blogging to chronicle what I’ve learned and also chronicle what I can share as potentially useful information for others to know!

Why Blog About Both Running and Personal Finance?

1. They’re my two favorite things right now. I’ve been running (somewhat) consistently since about 2011. I’ve been decently interested and learning about personal finance for about a year now. In both cases, I have much to learn! Also in both cases, however, I have learned a few things along the way. How do I determine these two things to be my favorites? It comes down to this: “What do I most want to learn about at this stage in my life? For what would I give up a few hours of precious sleep?” I realized that I don’t mind waking up an hour earlier to fit in a jog before the day started. In fact, there was an excitement to it that jump-started my day. I also didn’t mind trying to finish a few more chapters of some personal finance books. I remember powering through “Unshakeable” by Tony Robbins in a couple of days. It’s not so much that I had time, but I was willing to make time. I was willing to make exceptions for things that could have an exceptional impact on my life. Coming to this realization, I knew that I wanted to blog about my two favorite passions!

2. They carry many similarities. In order to experience some degree of success, both require the same things. Discipline. Consistency. Good technique and/or fundamentals. Good education and/or knowledge about the subject. Similarly, both can involve unexpected setbacks (think sudden injuries for runners, or sudden financial emergencies for investors). Success in both is dependent on being equipped with enough knowledge and helpful tools to help guide one’s path to the desired destination. There are plenty of principles that can be drawn from the other subject, so alluding to the other topic isn’t a huge stretch.

3. Raise awareness in both areas. Perhaps you’re relatively well-versed in personal finance but never really considered running to be a hobby you would enjoy? Or, perhaps you’re a decently knowledgeable runner but barely have any clue when it comes to personal finances? How cool would it be to produce a blog that writes about both and provides exposure to an area you might not be familiar about?! Even if you know a decent amount about both (or maybe you don’t know a whole lot about either), there is plenty of information to go around. My goal is to be a curator of sorts to write about what is relevant, interesting, and can potentially be a life-changer (or, at least, make you think deeply and critically). My goal is to synthesize information in a way that is understandable and digestible for every reader. All it takes is one idea to birth something powerful!

4. More to write about. In having two subject areas, this increases the breadth of content. Having some diversity of content will hopefully result in less pressure to produce something just for the sake of producing it. The last thing I want to do is burn myself out and write uninspired and forced posts. That can’t be good for anyone, whether that’s you or me. I’m sure there will be days when the personal finance section of my brain is fried and is begging for a mental vacation. It’s those days when I have the liberty to write about running instead. I’m also sure there will be days when I’m in the middle of training for a race and want to get my mind off of running for a while. While recovering, I could provide myself with a little “refresh” and switch over to writing about personal finance. What if I get sick of both topics on any given day? Hmm… I haven’t figured that one out yet, but I’ll let you know! 🙂

Why Blogging?

Aside from my reasons for why I’m blogging about running and personal finance, why would I blog in the first place?

My reasons are simple.

1. Share and spread knowledge about the topics I love.

2. Document my journey in learning more about these topics.

3. Connect with people who have similar goals, dreams, and pursuits.

There is a certain excitement about knowing that this blog will always be in development (and never be fully developed)! Even as a bit of a perfectionist and someone who naturally loves structure, I’m actually fine with that! Somewhere down the proverbial road, I want to be able to laugh at how presumptuous some of my earlier posts were… and also marvel at how much I’ve learned over the (hopefully) many months of this blog and “trying to figure it out.”

My mind is swimming with SO many ideas for “Running Investor,” so I know that at least the first few weeks will be exciting with finding my footing and experimenting with different elements. Changes and detours are inevitable, but feel free to hop along for the ride! I’m in this for the long haul, so cheers to “slow and steady” winning the race!

Run. Invest. Learn. Celebrate. Repeat.

– Runner Investor

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